March 15th, 2012

Four Eyes says goodbye...

In June 2009 I started Four Eyes Photography & Art, a photography gallery and bookstore focused on beautiful and affordable art and books from known and unknown photographers, made by large publishing houses all the way to tiny self-published editions.

In the past three years we had several exhibitions showing art from up and coming photographers and graphic designers. I released my own photography book and Four Eyes Photography Magazine. Our international selection of books kept growing and growing until there was not enough room to stock all of them. Both the artworks on the wall and the books taught me what works and what does not work. By analyzing and reflecting on why a certain book would sell out and others would not, it has become a valuable lesson to the magic world of bookmaking. It was also within the walls of Four Eyes that I came up with the idea to start the 500 Photographers project.

The time has come to move on, to truly focus on my own career. I will be making sure to finish the 500 Photographers project. Once the project is finished I will be giving my own photographic career 100% of my attention. I still love paper and do not exclude the possibility of creating a new magazine in the future nor the possibility of creating a platform, gallery or something of that kind.

I wish to thank everyone who has supported me during the last three years with the Four Eyes project and all the people that visited the store.

Four Eyes might be done, but it is a step forwards.

Friendly greetings, Pieter

For all the remaining books that can still be purchased, go to  

Four Eyes says goodbye...